Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Our main focus is to restore and maintain maximum operating efficiency for every condenser and heat exchanger we clean. Hennigan Engineering has the experience required to review your particular conditions and employ the appropriate cleaning technique for every application.
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Over 50 Years of Service

For over 50 years, Hennigan Engineering has served a broad spectrum of utility, industrial, municipal, military and construction clientele on a national basis.

Safety First

Safety is our #1 focus at the corporate and staff level. Hennigan’s safety performance has been better than the industry average and has improved over the last 10 years.


Teamwork within our firm’s operation and also with our client’s operation is, and always has been, the underlying reason for our firm’s success.

Our Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services

Hennigan Engineering was selected by the Emerson Swan Company to become certified service technicians for their Alfa-Laval Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger product line. The training program included intensive and technical classroom instruction as well as hands-on work at the Alfa-Laval factory located in Richmond, Virginia.

Alfa Laval is a Swedish company, founded in 1883. They began in the solution separation business and now manufacture a wide variety of specialized products and solutions for the industrial, power generation, marine, pharmaceutical and other industry across the globe. The company employs more than 18,000 people, the majority of whom are located in Sweden, Denmark, India, China, the US and France.

Emerson Swan is a nationally recognized, stocking manufacturer’s representative organization primarily serving the Northeastern United States and the Greater Toronto Area. Hennigan Engineering is now Emerson Swan’s primary service contractor for the Alfa Laval plate and frame product in the field.

Our training includes plate & frame heat exchanger inspection, troubleshooting and diagnosis, unit inspection, troubleshooting and diagnosis, unit assembly/dis-assembly, gasket replacement, plate inspection, plate cleaning and frame inspection etc.

Most recently, our factory certified credentials allowed us to secure a plate & frame heat exchanger repair project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cogeneration power plant in Cambridge Massachusetts as our first Alfa Laval certified Project for 2016.

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