Steam Generator/ Channelhead Decontamination/ MSR

Hennigan Engineering has designed methods for performing some of the most technically complex decontamination services in our industry, whether it’s chemically cleaning and particulate removal of Moisture Steam Regenerators (MSR), or contaminate removal by hydrolasing the walls and components from the shell side of condensers prior to plant start up to ensure that plant chemistry expectations are below typical startup parameters. Hennigan Engineering has the reputation of being the best choice for success at the most technically complex projects in our industry.

Hennigan Engineering has enhanced the efficiency of manually-operated surface decontamination operations and developed partial remotely-operated decontamination systems for work in High Radiation areas. We have developed and implemented specialized ICI Guide Tube flushing equipment, remotely-operated Steam Generator Channel-head Decon systems and designed Cavity Upender Fixture Decon tools. Our specialized equipment can also be used for tube decon, pipe decon, RHR tube and head cleaning, coating removal and surface preparation on concrete and steel. Our systems can reduce the volume of effluent water by 50 percent.

Please feel free to contact us directly for a case study or previous project example and determine how we can be of assistance in your next project.