Safety First

Hennigan Engineering understands the dangers that inherently exist in performing the type of services we provide and that every accident is preventable. Safety is our #1 focus at the corporate and staff level. Our corporate dedication to safety is equally shared by our employees and we believe it is this partnership that has enabled Hennigan Engineering to establish one of the best safety records in any industry.

We maintain a “zero tolerance” policy for safety rule violations and we continue to implement steps to improve our focus on the “safety attitude” thereby improving safety records with regards to OSHA recordable and lost time accidents.

Our commitment to safety as a focus is demonstrated by our results:

  • Over 40 years of high pressure water jetting experience without a single lost time hydrolase injury.
  • Hennigan Engineering’s three year average EMR rating is well below industry average.
  • Total dedication of Hennigan Engineering management and staff to the protection of personnel.
  • Continuous improvement in both personnel training and equipment design, ensuring our position as leaders in the industry.