Safety EMR Performance

What Safety means to the Company, our Employees and our Clients

Workers compensation experience modification rating (EMR) is a mandatory program that measures and rates the risk a company has with respect to an employee getting injured on the job.  The EMR is an indicator of anticipated claim (costs) that will be paid on behalf of the insured in the future.  If an employer’s past experience is better or worse than average, his premium is adjusted downward or upward, respectively.  For example:  An EMR rating of 1.0 is considered the industry average for companies performing the same type of work.  An EMR of 1.10 results in a 10% additional charge to the risk while an  EMR or 0.83 results in a 17% credit or savings to the risk.  Hennigan’s EMR performance over the last 8 years is shown in the chart below.Safety

Hennigan’s safety performance has been better than the industry average and has improved over the last 8 years.

Hennigan Engineering has worked hundreds of thousands of hours over the last 8 years (and counting) without a single reportable injury in that time.  This is because Hennigan Engineering understands the dangers that inherently exist in performing the type of Industrial Services we provide and that every accident is preventable, and we continuously train to improve our safety performance.

Safety is our #1 focus at the corporate and staff level.  Our corporate dedication to safety is equally shared by our employees and we believe it is this partnership that has enabled Hennigan Engineering to establish one of the best safety records in our industry.

The greatest reward for our outstanding safety performance is that we know our greatest asset is our people, and our training programs are showing real and quantifiable results.  In addition; the cost savings on insurance premiums is capital that we invest in our infrastructure and equipment which directly translates into the best performance for our clients.