Industrial Cleaning Services

Hennigan Engineering provides a range of cleaning services to clients in a variety of market sectors. Our staff is experienced, skilled and highly trained to perform work in Nuclear and Fossil Facilities across the country. We perform with the highest degree of operational on-site safety at all times and in all industries we serve.
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Why Choose Hennigan

Over 50 Years of Service

For over 50 years, Hennigan Engineering has served a broad spectrum of utility, industrial, municipal, military and construction clientele on a national basis.

Safety First

Safety is our #1 focus at the corporate and staff level. Hennigan’s safety performance has been better than the industry average and has improved over the last 10 years.


Teamwork within our firm’s operation and also with our client’s operation is, and always has been, the underlying reason for our firm’s success.

Our Industrial Cleaning Services

Boiler System Cleaning

Hennigan Engineering has been providing comprehensive boiler system cleaning services to a variety of customers throughout the years. From Superheater descaling to Feedwater Heater tube hydrolasing, our cleaning systems are designed to restore maximum performance.The use of high pressure water jetting tools has become standard practice for thorough furnace cleaning. Where applicable, water tube internals... Read More »
Condenser Tube Cleaning

Condenser Tube Cleaning

One of Hennigan Engineering’s core service offerings is the restoration and maintenance of condenser tubes to design specifications or to the maximum available operating efficiency utilizing various cleaning techniques. These include condenser tube cleaning techniques such as chemical cleaning, hydrolase cleaning and projectile cleaning. Proper assessment of the conditions affecting each unit is crucial in... Read More »

Cooling Water Pipe Cleaning

Maintaining the supply and return water piping associated with condenser and heat exchanger operation is a critical task. Piping system neglect can lead to reduced cooling water flow capacity and damaging corrosive attack. Associated costs include increased electrical power usage, decreased component operating efficiency and, in some cases, multi-million-dollar piping system replacement. Hennigan Engineering has... Read More »

Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning

Our main focus is to restore and maintain maximum operating efficiency for every condenser and heat exchanger we clean. Hennigan Engineering has the experience required to review your particular conditions and employ the appropriate cleaning technique for every application. Hennigan Engineering  has been a leader in providing condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning services to the... Read More »

Industrial Cleaning/Coating

Traditional abrasive blast preparation is becoming a thing of the past. State and Federal environmental regulations have created the push away from abrasive blasting. With the cost of constructing environmentally sound containment structures, and disposal cost of abrasive blast media increasing, alternative techniques are growing in popularity. Even the United States Navy has joined in... Read More »

Pipe and Tank Cleaning

Storage tank and  Supply/Return Piping are an intergral part of the health of plant operations. Storage Tank and Piping system neglect can lead to internal contamination and reduced flow capacity and has the potential to damage down stream equipment.  Benefits of properly maintaining these systems include decreased electrical power usage, increased component operating efficiency and,... Read More »
Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Hennigan Engineering was selected by the Emerson Swan Company to become certified service technicians for their Alfa-Laval Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger product line. The training program included intensive and technical classroom instruction as well as hands-on work at the Alfa-Laval factory located in Richmond, Virginia. Alfa Laval is a Swedish company, founded in 1883. They... Read More »

Service & Circulating Water Pipe Cleaning

Service and Circulating Water Piping condition has become a significant problem in our aging infrastructure, often referred to as Buried Piping. Many plants are now required to have a Buried Piping program. Hennigan Engineering offers many services for assisting with your Buried Pipe Program. These services include, but are not limited to, video inspection of as-found... Read More »

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