Our Clients

Able Engineering Co., Inc.
Acushnet Company
AGVIQ Environmental Services
Ahearn Painting Co., Inc.
Alabama Power Company
Alexandria Power Associates
Alfax Paper Company
Allegheny Ludlum Corp.
AMEC Engineering
American Overseas Marine
American Pipe Bending Co.
Anderson Little
Applied Measurement Control
Arkansas Nuclear One
Associated Electric Coop, Inc.
Atlas Painting and Sheeting Corp.
Avco/TextronB.D. Air Fin
Babbitting Services
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Barbour Stockwell
Bath Iron Works
Bay State Gas
Bay State Paper Co.
Bay State Piping
Bear Paw Group
Bechtel Construction
Bedford VA Medical Center
Belcher Malleable
BMI Mechanical
Boston Edison
Boston Gas
Boston Scientific
Boston Ship Repair
Boston Shipyard
Boston University
Braidwood Nuclear Power Station
Brayton Point Station
Bristol Myers Squibb
Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals
Brockton Multi Service Center
Brooking Associates
Bruce Mansfield Station
Bruce Mansfield Station
Brunner Island Generating Station
Buffalo Industrial Divers Co.
Burlington Electric Dept.
Byron Nuclear Power StationC.I. Hayes, Inc.
Cajun Electric Power
Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Station
Cape Cod Potato Chip Co.
Catawba Nuclear Station
CDM Engineers & Constructors Inc.
Central Hudson Gas & Electric
Central Maine Power
Certified Power Systems
CF Industries
CH2M Hill
Chattem Chemicals
ChemDesign Corporation
Cianbro Corp.
City Public Service
Clark Cutter McDermott
Classic Plumbing
Clean Harbors
Clean Oil Technology, Inc.
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
Clinton Power Station
Clough Harbor & Associates Engineering
Coastal Ship Repair
Codman Co.
CoGen Cleaning Technology
Colbert Station
Coler & Colantonio, Inc. Engineers & Scientists
Collins Generating Station
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
Commonwealth Edison
Conemaugh Generating Station
Consolidated Edison
Cooper Nuclear
Copley Pharmaceuticals
COT Puritech
Coyote Springs Generating Station
Crawford Generating Station
Crown Automotive
Custom Paper Group
Cyn Environmental

D.C. Cook Nuclear
Danskammer Point Generating Station
Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station
Decas Cranberry
Dedham-Westwood Water Dist.
Detroit Edison
Devens Commerce Center
Dever Development Center
Dominion Nuclear
Dragon Products
Draper Properties, Inc.
Dresden Nuclear Power Station

Duane Arnold Nuclear Power Station
Duck Creek Station
Duke Power

East Penn Manufacturing
East River Generating Station
Eastern Utilities
Ebensburg Power
Ecco Electrica
Entergy Operations
Enterprise Equipment
Environmental Soil Management Inc.

Factory Mutual Engineering
Faith Industrial Services
Farley Nuclear
Farmland Industries
Faulkner Hospital
Fisk Generating Station
Fitzpatrick Nuclear Station
Florida Power Corp.
Foss Manufacturing
Foster-Miller, Inc
Frank Rounds Co.
Fred Williams Inc.

Ogden Martin
Ohio Edison Company
OMNovaP.J. Spillane
Package One
Palisades Nuclear
Parsons Commercial Tech. Grp.
Paul Dever School
PECO Energy
Pennsylvania Power & Light
Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Philadelphia Electric
Picone Construction
Pilgrim Nuclear Station
Pinetree Power
Plant Hatch Nuclear Station
Plymouth Rubber Company
Point Beach Nuclear Station
Polaroid Corporation
Portland General Electric Co.
Possum Point Power Station
Powerton Generating Station
Prairie Island Nuclear Gen
Princess Cruises
Process Engineers & Constructors, Inc.
Proctor & Gamble
Providence Gas
Providence Water Supply Department
Public Service of New HampshireQuincy Medical Center

R.J. Sanders
Ragner Benson
Ramtech Services, Inc.
Raytheon Construction
Refrigeration Engineering & Contracting
Revere Smelting & Refining Corporation
Rhode Island University
River Bend Nuclear Station
Roads Corp.
Roaring Brook Consultants
Roche Carolina
Roseton Generating Station
Russell Engineering

Salem Harbor Generating Station
Salem Nuclear Generating Station
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
Seabrook Nuclear Station
Shearon Harris Nuclear Station
SNC Lavalin
Somerset Operations
South Carolina Electric & Gas
South Mississippi Electric Power Association
South Shore Hospital
South Texas Project
South Weymouth Naval Air Station
Southern Energy Canal LLC
Southern Nuclear Operating Co.
Springfield Resource Recovery, Inc.
St. Lucie Nuclear
St. Regis Paper
Superior Abatement
Superior Tube Co.
Susquehanna Steam Electric

Tampa Electric Company
Teknor Apex
Temple Inland
Tennessee Valley Authority
Texas Instruments
The Dennis Group
Three Mile Island Nuclear Station
Tiverton Co.
Toledo Edison Company
Toray Plastics
Town of Maynard, MA
Treviicos Corporation
Tucson Electric
Tunnel Vision Corporation
Turkey Point Nuclear Station
Turner Construction
Twin Rivers Technology

U.S. Coat Guard
University of Arizona
University of Massachusetts

US Generating Company
US Naval Shipbuilding Museum
UTEC Constructors

VA Bedford
VA Medical Center-Brockton
VC Summer Nuclear Station
Vermont Yankee
Virginia Electric and Power Company
Voith Paper Co.

Warren Engineering
Waterford Nuclear
Waukegan Generating Station
West Point Military Academy
Westinghouse Electric
Will County Generating Station
Williams Specialty Services
Wolf Creek Nuclear Station
Woonsocket Village
Wrentham State School
Wyman Gordon

G.E. Betz
Gannon Station
Garelick Farms
General Dynamics
General Electric Aircraft Engines
General Electric Company
General Motors
General Ship Corporation
George Mann Co., Inc.
Georgia Pacific
Globalware Solutions
Gorgas Generating Station
Gove Construction
GPU Nuclear Corp.
Graduate School of Oceanography
Grand Gulf Nuclear Station
Green Leaf Biofuels
Green Mountain Power
Gulf State UtilitiesH.A. Wagner Generating Station
H.B. Fuller Company
Hans Kissle Company
Harbin Services
Hardee Power Station
Harris Nuclear
Harvard University
Harvey & Sons
Heat Exchanger Systems
Hercules Inc.
Hinckley Yacht
Hogan Regional Center
Houma Light & Water Dept.
Houston Power & Light Co.
HVAC Engineering, Inc.IBM
ICI Americas
Illinois Power Company
Independent Pipe & Supply co.
Indian Point Nuclear Stations
Industrial Engineering Manufacturing
Integrated C-E Services
IT Group
Ivey Mechanical

J. Goodison Company
J.M. Farley Nuclear Generating Station
James River
Jenny Engineering
Jim Bridger Plant
Johnson Controls
Joliet Generating Station

K.J. Quinn & Co., Inc.
Keyspan Energy
Kiewit Construction Co.
Kincaide Generating Station
Kleeburg Mechanical
Koch Membrane
Komerican Corporation
Komline Sanderson

L’Energia Ltd.
LaSalle County Nuclear Station
Lawrence Hospital
Limbach Company
Limerick Nuclear Station
Little Gypsy Station
Long Wind Farms, VT
Louisiana Power Light

M&G Polymers
Maine Yankee Atomic
Manchester Street Generating Station
Marshall Steam Generating Station
Mass Electric
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Matrix Services
McGuire Nuclear Generating Station
McMeekin Generating Station
Mechanical Construction Inc.
Medfield State Hospital
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Metropolitan State Hospital
Meyer, Strong & Jones
Michoud Generating Station
Millennium Power
Millstone Nuclear Power Station
Mirant New England, Inc.
Mississippi Power Light
Mobil Oil Corporation
Modern Continental Construction
Montaup Electric Station
Morrow Generating Station
Mystic Generating Station

Narragansett Electric
National Grid
National Surface Cleaning, Inc.
New England Fertilizer
New England Power
New Madrid Generating Station
New York DEP
New York Power Authority
Newington Station
Newport Naval Shipyard
Niles Generating Station
Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station
Nitsch Engineering
North American Coatings LLC
North Atlantic Energy
Northeast Recycling Association
Northeast Utilities
Northern States Power

Yankee Atomic Electric Company
Yankee Candle
Yankee Rowe Nuclear Generating Station
York International

Zeneca Resins
Zion Nuclear Station
Zoo New England