Pipe and Tank Cleaning

Storage tank and  Supply/Return Piping are an intergral part of the health of plant operations. Storage Tank and Piping system neglect can lead to internal contamination and reduced flow capacity and has the potential to damage down stream equipment.  Benefits of properly maintaining these systems include decreased electrical power usage, increased component operating efficiency and, in some cases can prevent replacement of multi-million dollar piping system. Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc. has the experience and equipment necessary to restore flow capacity and mitigate corrosion.

Innovations in the design of semi-automated high pressure rotary cleaning nozzles have enabled Hennigan Engineering to custom build versatile cleaning systems perfectly suited for the cleaning of any diameter piping.

Traditional pipeline cleaning methods exhibit inherent drawbacks ranging from poor results and low productivity levels to high cost and environmental concerns. Even hydroblasting methods utilizing multiple, stationary jets have produced unacceptable levels of “streaking”. Our state-of-the-art self-rotating cleaning nozzles can produce “white metal” levels of cleanliness (when necessary) from even the most highly fouled conditions, at pressures up to 20,000 psi.

Experienced Hennigan Engineering personnel can “dial in” the optimal rotation and traverse speeds of our rotary cleaning heads to allow for uniform, full surface coverage at high productivity rates.

Our safe and effective pipe and tank cleaning methods offer non-manual, non-chemical, removal of tenacious scale deposits, corrosion build-up, failed coatings, zebra mussels, marine mollusks, and MIC corrosion cells without damaging pipeline base metal. Special polymers, oxide inhibitors, and metal pacifiers can be added to the waterjet, depending on job requirements. For more delicate jobs, pressure and flow rates can be independently adjusted to gently remove biofouling and marine growth, preserving valuable epoxy coatings and rubber liners.