Water Intrusion Control & Concrete Repair

Concrete structures fail for numerous reasons: thermal stress, shrinkage, excess load and abuse. Our hardware solutions incorporate proprietary Epoxies, Micro-Cements, and High Performance Urethane Grouts engineered to out perform the competition.

Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc. has trained, licensed, professional employees who have experience in mitigating the effects of problematic water intrusion conditions. Modern concrete structures are built in segments – this highlights the need for waterproofed boundaries. Specialized hardware, sealing materials and chemicals are used to diagnose and design a system to prevent water in-leakage. We work closely with our clients to ensure safety, environmental compliance, schedule adherence and realized budget projections. We can instruct/train client employees or provide turnkey Water Intrusion Specialty Teams to accomplish the optimum sealing solution for the customers application.

For nuclear facilities, we use our experienced material condition specialist to work with site personnel to maintain the “best of best” standard during our work evolution. We are familiar with procedure creation and adherence criteria. A proven track record with NRC program oversight further strengthens our leadership position with this technology.

Hennigan Engineering has performed some of the most complex water intrusion projects in our industry, projects that others have failed to perform adequately. Where necessary, Hennigan Engineering utilizes Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to map out utilities, conduit, piping and rebar in concrete to ensure that the substructure items remain safe during the repair process. Safety of our personnel and plant operating equipment is the foremost concern to Hennigan Engineering and our customers, it is a responsibility we take very serious.

While the vast majority of water intrusion work are planned projects, we do perform this service on an immediate response basis to contract customers. Please contact us for more information on our past performance projects and determine how we can assist you in completing your next water intrusion and grout injection project.