Video Inspection

Hennigan Engineering performs video inspection services through our “Tunnel Vision Inspection Services” division, providing comprehensive infrastructure video investigation and low to high pressure hydrojet cleaning services. Our equipment includes the industry’s latest high tech equipment. Each Tunnel Vision vehicle is outfitted with every type of camera required for video inspection of pipes from 1 1/2-inch up to 120-inches in diameter.

In addition to this, we have been called upon by our clients to design, build and operate specialized, one-of-a-kind pieces of video equipment to inspect infrastructure situations that are unusually complicated and require custom equipment. Tunnel Vision has designed equipment that performs video inspection of tunnels up to 20 feet in diameter and over 2 miles long.

Tunnel Vision also performs Foreign Material Removal (FME or FME Removal) from piping and equipment where ready access to the material is not available. Through the use of cameras and robotic retrieval equipment, Tunnel Vision is able to retrieve the smallest of items from your system, preventing these items from reaching components that can damage a small system or in some cases shut an entire plant down for extended periods.

Tunnel Vision offers typical equipment listed below as part of our basic service line:

  • Fully equipped video inspection camera trucks with robotic pan and tilt camera. 2,000′ run capability, full color 360° pan and tilt, steerable carriage with electric lift and digital zoom to support 6″ to 20′ diameter pipe inspection. High resolution color imaging, recording onto VHS or DVD.
10-wheel, 12 cubic yard, 500 h.p. heavy duty 5,800 CFM positive displacement industrial vacuums with hydraulic/telescoping pick-up boom. Integral 1,800 gallon water storage tanks to support 2,500 psi, 85 gpm positive displacement jet rodder pump with 600′ powered hydraulic hose reel.
  • 4,200 psi, 20 gpm jet rodders with rotary cleaning head equipment. Low profile compact trailer for access into tight locations such as parking lots and alleyways. Hose reach to 500′.
  • Push mini cameras capable of inspecting 1 1/2″ to 10″ diameter pipes up to 200′ from entry point. Audio narrative accompanies VHS/DVD color video with on screen footage. Custom pull camera capable of inspecting up to 2,000′ from entry point.
  • Self propelled steerable robotic crawler cameras with electric lift and zoom capability for inspecting all types of pipes from 6″ to 20′ diameter. Simple access technique allows for inspections up to 2,000′ with pan & tilt function for complete 360° viewing of entire pipe system. VHS/DVD color video recording with on screen footage.

Report Generation: Tunnel Vision provides high quality computer generated reports, upon request. These include color graphics and “color video stills,” tables of footage, features and defects, overview of maps and summaries. This well documented report of facts gathered in the field puts Tunnel Vision ahead of the pack, providing coherent information to our clients.

To discuss your video inspection needs or if you would like to discuss our case studies on video inspection or FME removal please contact us directly.