Decontamination Services

Hennigan Engineering has performed some of the most technically complex decontamination operations in the industry. High pressure water jetting equipment has long been utilized in the nuclear power industry as a means of surface decontamination. Past results of waterblast decon have often been viewed as mediocre. The primary downfall of traditional hydrolase efforts has been the generation of excessive amounts of effluent water and poorly directed manual cleaning tools with little or no means of accurate repeatability.

Hennigan Engineering has addressed these concerns in an effort to increase Dose Reduction Factors without overtaxing Rad waste systems. We have enhanced the efficiency of manually operated surface decontamination operations and developed partial remotely-operated decontamination systems for work in High Rad areas.

The unique challenges which we have encountered have led to innovative solutions. Beyond our standard surface decon techniques, we have developed and implemented specialized ICI Guide Tube flushing equipment, remotely operated Steam Generator Channelhead Decon systems and designed Cavity Upender Fixture Decon tools. Our specialized equipment can also be used for tube decon, pipe decon, RHR tube and head cleaning, coating removal and surface preparation on concrete and steel.

Custom designed N2 gas regulated pressure control systems are used on all of our high pressure water jetting pumps. These regulators are part of a positive shut off delivery system which by-pass cleans non-working water outside of containment. The utilization of this system can cut in half the volume of effluent water destined for liquid Rad waste handling systems. Portable effluent filtration equipment can be integrated with decontaminating Ultra High Rad equipment to mitigate the burden of effluent control.