From paper mills to pharmaceuticals, our services enable our clients to prosper in a competitive environment. For over 40 years, Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc. has provided the industry with the personnel and specialized equipment necessary to maintain their performance related equipment at optimum efficiency. In doing so, our clients have realized millions of dollars in recovered revenue.

As cost control mandates efficiency at every level of operations, we continue to augment the needs of the industry by designing and implementing innovative cleaning systems which employ state-of-the-art equipment to extract the maximum efficiency out of every component we service. From the smallest Heat Exchanger to the largest Reactor Vessel, from ½ inch Process Piping to 20 foot diameter Intake Piping, we get the job done right. Restoring peak performance has always been our standard – not our goal.

Teamwork remains a key factor in our success, not merely teamwork within our operation, but teamwork with our clients. We work hard to familiarize ourselves with our client’s individual needs. Whether addressing planned outages or responding to emergency requests, our strategy includes thorough preparation, focusing on preplanning and detail in an effort to complete every project safely, on-time and within budget.

We invite the challenges of the future and the opportunity to service your needs.