Industrial Cleaning/Coating

Traditional abrasive blast preparation is becoming a thing of the past. State and Federal environmental regulations have created the push away from abrasive blasting. With the cost of constructing environmentally sound containment structures, and disposal cost of abrasive blast media increasing, alternative techniques are growing in popularity. Even the United States Navy has joined in this campaign with the adoption of written and visual standards for high pressure water jet surface preparation. The acceptance of water jetting (10,000 – 40,000 psi) as a preferred surface preparation technique is not solely a financial move.

A properly cleaned and maintained utility system is crucial to the health and the longevity of the plant. Maintaining these systems not only removes abrasive and chemical contaminates that can over time damage systems, but also removes flow restrictions and fouling that prevents the plant systems from operating at maximum design efficiency.

Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc. has the expertise and the specialized equipment to remove product build-up, dirt, oil, corrosion scale, and failed coatings down to the substrate and follow-up with a recommended coating system application for steel and concrete surfaces.