Hennigan Engineering has gained a partner and Investor, Dorilton Capital

Subject: Exciting News for Hennigan Engineering & Our Customers

Hennigan Engineering is pleased to announce that we have gained a partner and investor, “Dorilton Capital”.  Our combined talent and resources will position Hennigan Engineering & Hennigan Power Services among the top service providers in our industry.  The Hennigan/Dorilton combined resource strength will allow us to continue to deliver our core quality-focused services while increasing new value-oriented services for our clients.

We are looking forward to new horizons for our business and the ability to expand our services to meet your needs.  The Dorilton family of companies offers best in class expertise  within each company’s business segment. Immediately for Hennigan Engineering, it means we are in a better position to fulfill your greater needs and meet your schedule demands.   Our new affiliation with Dorilton will allow Hennigan to become a solid, turnkey vendor for our customers. The combined horsepower and expertise of the New Hennigan/Dorilton team of Companies provides for the best safety record, and quality of execution for a wide range of specialty services including:

Condenser/Heat Exchanger Cleaning
Pipe/Tank Cleaning
Comprehensive Boiler Cleaning
Surface Preparation/Coating Application
Pipe and Component lining/coating
Hydrodemolition/waterjet cutting
Cooling Tower & HVAC Install & Service     
Heavy Rigging & Component R & R
Facility & Maintenance Services
Industrial Consulting
Tube Leak Detection Services
Helium Leak Detection
Hydrostatic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Eddy Current Testing
Corrosion Detection and Mapping
Radiographic X-ray Testing
Fluid Flow Measurement & Calibration
Remote/Robotic Video Inspection
Pipe/Tank Vessel NDT

We recognize that you are interested in how this partnership affects our current operations. As a result of this partnership, you will see no change to our daily interactions and services. You will continue to enjoy the quality and reliability we strive to offer every day and you will interact with the same people both on-site and within our management team.

To see Dorilton’s press release click here, or follow the link below to learn more about Dorilton Capital and our expanded family of services.


Duke Energy Tech X 2019 – 8/26-8/28/19

The Duke Energy Tech X will be held at the Embassy Suites, Charlotte-Concord/Golf Resort & Spa in Concord, NC on August 26-28, 2019. Hennigan Engineering is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting. Come visit us at booth #44 and discuss maximizing the efficiency of heat exchangers and condensers and which cleaning method might be best for your plant.

2019 USA Summit, San Antonio, TX

Hennigan Engineering is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2019 USA Summit at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort & Spa in San Antonio, TX on 6/18/19 – 6/21/18

Please stop by and say hello.

EPRI 2019 Heat Rate Improvement Conference

Hennigan Engineering is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting and presenting at the 2019 Heat Rate Improvement Conference at the:

St. Anthony Hotel

300 East Travis St

San Antonio, TX 78205

2/5/2019 – 2/7/19

This is a 3 day meeting – a formal conference with numerous short presentations and panel sessions and vendor exhibits.

Hennigan Engineering will be giving a presentation on “Main Condenser Efficiency Restoration” on the morning of Thursday, February 7th, 2019.

2019 USA Supply Chain Winter Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona

Hennigan Engineering will be co-exhibiting with Curtiss Wright this year at the 2019 Winter Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. featuring a schedule including meetings of the USA Procurement Engineering, Site Representives and Supply Chain peer teams as well as private supplier presentations to key site stakeholders and meetings between suppliers and utility representatives and more.

Dates: 1/29/19 – 1/31/19

2019 Nuclear Plant Performance Program Combined User Groups Meeting (HXPUG, P2EP, SWAP)

Hennigan Engineering is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2019 Nuclear Plant Performance Program Combined User Groups Meeting on :

28 January 2019  – 01 February 2019   

Hennigan Engineering/HEPCO will be at BOOTH 12

Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront

225 East Coastline Drive

Jacksonville, Florida, 32202, USA

2019 NPPP Meeting (Nuclear Plant Performance Program) will be a combination of the Heat Exchanger Performance User Group, Service Water Assistance Program and the Plant Performance Enhancement Program (P2EP) Annual Coordinators Meeting. Come by and see us!

Hennigan Engineering brings 650 Megawatt Unit back to full power by removing 46,000 lbs of scale

Hennigan Engineering successfully removes 46,000 lbs of scale using High Pressure Water Jetting Services, bringing a 650 megawatt unit back to full power.

After several unsuccessful attempts by other companies, using high pressure water jetting and chemical cleaning, Hennigan Engineering was contacted to try to resolve the issue of removing hard calcium scale from a 34,000 tube unit.


  • The Unit was derated by 300 megawatts due to biological and calcium scale which was a result of a fouling event that was introduced via a re-circulation cooling lake.
  • Tube Flow was decreased to where 50-55% of the tubes had no flow at all.
  • Urgency was required as Unit downtime was a considerable factor in mid-summer months.

Success Story

  • Hennigan Engineering Removed an estimated 46,000 lbs of Calcium Scale.
  • The Plant was able to return to 650 megawatts of full power upon re-powering.

For more information on this project and the cleaning program designed by Hennigan Engineering, please contact us!

Helium Leak Testing to Pinpoint Leaks!

Our Helium Leak Detection Team can pinpoint the smallest of leaks!!

Mass spectrometer leak testing techniques allow leak detection capabilities to a level of 1 X 10-11  with graphic recording for historical data retrieval.


  • Machine Parts & Fittings
  • Pharmaceutical [ovens, chambers, freezers & incubators]
  • Packaging
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers—Main Steam
  • Tubing [Hydraulic—Water—Gas]
  • Boilers / Tanks / Vessels
  • Pipe [Fittings-Valves-Below Grade-NonMetallic-Metallic]
  • E-Beam Welded Parts and Fittings
  • Solar Panel Process Chamber

Testing can be performed at our facility or yours.  Our testing equipment is portable and can be shipped anywhere in the world.  With our Field Engineers and Support Technicians we can support your needs in a prompt and professional manner to meet the most aggressive schedules.


Helium Leak Testing of Refrigeration System

Helium Leak Testing of Refrigeration System

Helium Leak Detection

Sample of Helium Leak Test Graph