Quick Cleaning Turnaround On Critical Boiler Unit At GA Paper Mill Using Our Proprietary Remote Equipment

October of 2022, Hennigan was awarded an outage contract from a major Paperboard manufacturer in Macon, GA. One of Hennigan’s projects within the outage was to clean the main Boiler unit. This boiler system is 30-ft wide x 60-ft long by 200-ft tall. Using Hennigan’s specialized equipment, the boiler cleaning was set-up, executed, torn down, inspected by facility engineers, and ready to go back on-line in a single 12-hour work shift. Hennigan’s use of proprietary remotely operated equipment and tooling, allowed us to accomplish this time sensitive work successfully. This level of performance is what our clients have come to expect, and we take pride in delivering!

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Duke Energy Regulated and Renewable Energy TechX Conference and Vendor Expo 2022

Duke Energy Regulated and Renewable Energy TechX Conference and Vendor Expo will be held this year in Charlotte, NC at the Embassy Suites Concord Golf Resort and Spa on August 22-24 2022.  Come join Hennigan Engineering; now a part of Blue Wolf Performance Solutions,  and Heat Exchanger Products (HEPCO) at Booth #81 to learn more about how we can support your Condenser and Heat Exchanger cleaning and maintenance.

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Hennigan Engineering performs services for the DOD

Hennigan Engineering has been granted numerous security clearances to perform services at military installations and on Navy vessels for decades. Most recently; Hennigan Engineering was retained by G.C. Curtiss-Wright to perform specialty services for the United States Department of Defense (DOD) aboard the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74). The Stennis is the seventh Nimitzclass nuclear-powered Supercarrier in the United States Navy’ fleet. The vessel is named for Democratic Senator John C. Stennis of Mississippi.Department of Defense


Hennigan Engineering performs services for Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS). They are the DOD’s only designer, builder and refueler of United States Navy Aircraft Carriers. NNS is a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries which is the largest industrial employer in the state of Virginia.

The Stennis Air Craft carrier put to sea over two decades ago at a cost of over four billion dollars. The vessel is designed to carry and support ninety fixed wing fighter planes and helicopters. She is an important part of the US nuclear fleet that had come due for critical maintenance to her power plant system components.

Hennigan is well known as a provider of best in class cleaning and maintenance services supporting heat transfer system efficiency improvement for Power Generation, Manufacturing, Marine/DOD and Municipal clients. In the case of the Stennis; the evolution included cleaning and maintenance of various components aboard the vessel. Hennigan used a variety of specialized cleaning systems to address a range conditions in order to ensure the success of the project. Hennigan worked closely with the G.C. Curtiss-Wright, the Navy and the Shipyard to produce an effective and safe work plan under difficult conditions, including Covid-19 protocols. All work was completed to the highest safety standard and incident free.


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Hennigan Engineering brings 650 Megawatt Unit back to full power by removing 46,000 lbs of scale

Hennigan Engineering successfully removes 46,000 lbs of scale using High Pressure Water Jetting Services, bringing a 650 megawatt unit back to full power.

After several unsuccessful attempts by other companies, using high pressure water jetting and chemical cleaning, Hennigan Engineering was contacted to try to resolve the issue of removing hard calcium scale from a 34,000 tube unit.


  • The Unit was derated by 300 megawatts due to biological and calcium scale which was a result of a fouling event that was introduced via a re-circulation cooling lake.
  • Tube Flow was decreased to where 50-55% of the tubes had no flow at all.
  • Urgency was required as Unit downtime was a considerable factor in mid-summer months.

Success Story

  • Hennigan Engineering Removed an estimated 46,000 lbs of Calcium Scale.
  • The Plant was able to return to 650 megawatts of full power upon re-powering.

For more information on this project and the cleaning program designed by Hennigan Engineering, please contact us!

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Helium Leak Testing to Pinpoint Leaks!

Our Helium Leak Detection Team can pinpoint the smallest of leaks!!

Mass spectrometer leak testing techniques allow leak detection capabilities to a level of 1 X 10-11  with graphic recording for historical data retrieval.


  • Machine Parts & Fittings
  • Pharmaceutical [ovens, chambers, freezers & incubators]
  • Packaging
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers—Main Steam
  • Tubing [Hydraulic—Water—Gas]
  • Boilers / Tanks / Vessels
  • Pipe [Fittings-Valves-Below Grade-NonMetallic-Metallic]
  • E-Beam Welded Parts and Fittings
  • Solar Panel Process Chamber

Testing can be performed at our facility or yours.  Our testing equipment is portable and can be shipped anywhere in the world.  With our Field Engineers and Support Technicians we can support your needs in a prompt and professional manner to meet the most aggressive schedules.


Helium Leak Testing of Refrigeration System
Helium Leak Testing of Refrigeration System
Helium Leak Detection
Sample of Helium Leak Test Graph
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