Month: September 2014

Hennigan Announces Helium Leak Detection News

Helium Leak Detection Services

Tim Hennigan Jr. (President) of Hennigan Engineering Co, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Ronald Kennedy (Ron) to our staff of professionals. In his position, Ron will serve as the Corporate Field Services Manager-Leak Detection Services and will be responsible for the sales development and the execution of leak detection services projects. Ron’s career began as a field service tech where he was taught his trade and he quickly advanced to Regional Manager at a large multi national firm. Ron’s experience includes inspections in power generation (fossil and nuclear), food processing, refineries and other steam producing facilities nationally and internationally. Hennigan Engineering is a recognized leader in Condenser Tube Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning, Hydroblasting, Hydrolasing, Helium Leak Detection, Concrete Hydrodemolition, Video Inspection Services, Water Intrusion Repair and Coatings Application and Removal. For more information please contact us at

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