Month: October 2015

Condenser Tube Cleaning – Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning


Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc. has been providing Condenser Tube Cleaning and Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning and Specialized Services to the Nuclear and Fossil Power Industries for over 47 years.  Hennigan uses the right tool for each job.  Whether it’s nylon or metal brush; plastic or metal scraper; chemical or high pressure water jet; we have the right equipment and qualified personnel to specify and implement the most effective tube cleaning option.  We can remove any fouling material to base metal without damage to tubes.

We have the highest level of safety and hands-on skillset training.

Let Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc. put our expertise and experience to work for you! Call us at 1-800-472-8484 for more information.


Condenser Tube Cleaning


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