Month: February 2015

Hennigan Engineering Completes Flue Gas Scrubber Cleaning 25% Ahead of Schedule


Hennigan Engineering has recently completed a significant flue gas scrubber cleaning project approximately 25% ahead of schedule. The project encompassed cleaning over 4000 tubes, 900 of which where plugged solid, a majority of which where unable to be cleaned by a previous contractor over 3 years prior.

Hennigan Engineering’s specialty nozzle design worked flawlessly and allowed the customer to gain valuable time in their outage schedule. Hennigan Engineering is a Women Owned Company and is an industry leader in condenser tube cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning, hydrolasing, concrete hydro demolition, condenser and heat exchanger tube leak detection, video inspection and water intrusion repair. For more information please contact Hennigan Engineering at 800-472-8484.

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