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Hennigan Completes Flue Gas Scrubber Cleaning

In January 2014 Hennigan Engineering was contracted by a large Southern Power Company to design a cleaning system and perform a cleaning for Flue Gas Scrubber Tubes.  The Customer had previously hired three different vendors who had failed to clean more than 700 tubes that contained a extremely hard scale material.  Hennigan Engineering performed various nozzle design and testing prior to presenting a solution to the customer.  Hennigan was hired to perform the work and completed the project clueing the entire 4000 tubes including 700 plugged tubes that previously vendors had failed to clean.  Hennigan completed the project within the customers schedule and within budget.

The project was successful to the customer to the point that Hennigan was Sole Sourced for the scrubber cleaning in 2015.

Hennigan Engineering is recognized as an industry leader in Condenser Tube Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning, Speciality Concrete Hydrodemolition, Hydroblasting, Hydrolasing, Video Inspection Services, Helium Leak Testing, Air-in Leakage Testing, Water Intrusion Repair, Coatings Removal and Application.