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Extending Condenser Tube Life

Hennigan Engineering was recently selected to participate in an in-depth condenser cleaning and refurbishment project to extend the life expectancy of condenser tubes at a US nuclear power station.  The project involved 20,000 PSI hydrolase cleaning of condenser tubes, 100% Eddy Current Inspection of condenser tubes, down tube coating of condenser tubes that failed minimum through wall criteria, installation of new tube sheet coatings and Helium Leak Detection of condenser tubes and tube sheets prior to the waterboxes being placed back into service.

Hennigan Engineering personnel performed 20,000 PSI hydrolase cleaning to remove MIC corrosion, bio fouling, manganese and calcium scaling, as well as, helium leak detection services as part of the over all solutions while the plant maintained on-line status, with only a single box out of service at any given time.

President Timothy R. Hennigan, Jr., stated that Hennigan Engineering is proud to have been a part of the team.  Hennigan Engineering performed the work to the highest safety standards and efficiently completed our part to meet the customer’s rigorous schedule for the performance of all associated tasks.

Hennigan Engineering is a Certified Women Owned Company that provides Condenser Tube Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Helium Leak Detection, Concrete Hydrodemolition, Hydroblasting Services, Video Pipe Inspection and Cleaning, Water Intrusion Repair and Specialty Coatings to a variety of customers.   For more information on Hennigan Engineering services please contact us at