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Industrial Cleaning, Maintenance & De-Commissioning

Hennigan Engineering has been providing professional services that have included industrial cleaning, maintenance, and decommissioning for a  major technology-based company that applies chemical and material science to develop emulsion polymers, specialty chemicals, and functional/decorative surfaces that enhance the performance of products around the globe. With sales on the order of 1 billion USD per year (2015) and approximately 2,300 employees, this company’s manufacturing facility in Georgia, USA, produces approximately 135 million wet pounds of latex for the North American tire, carpet and paper industries.

This client is in the process of converting the Georgia site into a distribution, quality control and technical service center that will continue to serve the carpet industry and other regional customers.

For over six years, Hennigan Engineering has provided staff and targeted industrial cleaning services to the Georgia facility for daily maintenance and cleaning activities throughout the facility and for its critical manufacturing equipment.

Hennigan further supported this client at this facility for the decommissioning and clean-up of their large evaporating ponds (shown below) where manufacturing waste products were collected and treated for collection and off-site disposal.

before industrial cleaning
after industrial cleaning

Hennigan Engineering has the diversity of equipment and skills to support our clients under long-term service agreements for day-to-day normal operation and through transition periods in all phases of industrial service maintenance and cleaning needs.