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Specialized Concrete Hydro Demolition

Hennigan responds to customer’s request to remove 7 inches of overhead concrete from an intake bay under critical path schedule.  Hennigan completes 1st bay 7 days ahead of schedule, safely and under budget.

Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc. was called in to perform a concrete demolition operation at a Nuclear Power Plant after 21 days of jackhammering by another contractor failed to achieve the specified results.  The failed pneumatic demolition effort during this outage caused a work stoppage and steel reinforcing beams needing to be installed to allow the plant to operate an ICW pump bay.

Because of live electrical lines and numerous pipe interferences and other obstructions in the work area, robotic concrete demolition technologies could not be used.  Hennigan was hired to design a concrete removal system to remove overhead concrete material and allow the plant to make the necessary structural repairs to satisfy both the Nuclear Plant and NRC.

Hennigan Engineering designed a remote cleaning system that allowed individual tool operators the ability to hand control the path of the water jets, 40,000 psi was used to remove the concrete at high rates of production.

high pressure waterjetting
Before Hydro Demoliiton

In  addition to the ceiling removal, Hennigan personnel removed a thrust beam that housed pump bracing.

Hennigan Engineering was able to map out electrical lines using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and safely hydrolase concrete to the desired depth without incident.

hydro demoltion
After Hydro Demolition Rebar Remains Intact