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Hennigan Engineering has gained a partner and Investor, Dorilton Capital

Subject: Exciting News for Hennigan Engineering & Our Customers

Hennigan Engineering is pleased to announce that we have gained a partner and investor, “Dorilton Capital”.  Our combined talent and resources will position Hennigan Engineering & Hennigan Power Services among the top service providers in our industry.  The Hennigan/Dorilton combined resource strength will allow us to continue to deliver our core quality-focused services while increasing new value-oriented services for our clients.

We are looking forward to new horizons for our business and the ability to expand our services to meet your needs.  The Dorilton family of companies offers best in class expertise  within each company’s business segment. Immediately for Hennigan Engineering, it means we are in a better position to fulfill your greater needs and meet your schedule demands.   Our new affiliation with Dorilton will allow Hennigan to become a solid, turnkey vendor for our customers. The combined horsepower and expertise of the New Hennigan/Dorilton team of Companies provides for the best safety record, and quality of execution for a wide range of specialty services including:

Condenser/Heat Exchanger Cleaning
Pipe/Tank Cleaning
Comprehensive Boiler Cleaning
Surface Preparation/Coating Application
Pipe and Component lining/coating
Hydrodemolition/waterjet cutting
Cooling Tower & HVAC Install & Service     
Heavy Rigging & Component R & R
Facility & Maintenance Services
Industrial Consulting
Tube Leak Detection Services
Helium Leak Detection
Hydrostatic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Eddy Current Testing
Corrosion Detection and Mapping
Radiographic X-ray Testing
Fluid Flow Measurement & Calibration
Remote/Robotic Video Inspection
Pipe/Tank Vessel NDT

We recognize that you are interested in how this partnership affects our current operations. As a result of this partnership, you will see no change to our daily interactions and services. You will continue to enjoy the quality and reliability we strive to offer every day and you will interact with the same people both on-site and within our management team.

To see Dorilton’s press release click here, or follow the link below to learn more about Dorilton Capital and our expanded family of services.