Video Inspection Services saves customer costly Hospital Shut-down

Boston, MA – June, 2015 Video Inspection Services

Hennigan Engineering Company, Inc. was retained by a National Design/Build Contractor to perform Emergency Response Video Inspection and blockage removal from a municipal pipeline linked to their construction of an addition to an active hospital in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.  The blockage came on unexpectedly during construction and was sufficient to cause back-up into active/occupied spaces within the hospital.

Two other contractors failed to solve the problem after several days of trying, then Hennigan Engineering was called into the situation.  The affected wings of the hospital were in imminent risk of being shut-down by local Public Health officials as well as the City’s Engineering Department.  The municipal pipe was approximately 15 ft. below two heavily travelled city streets.

If Hennigan Engineering was not successful in locating and removing the blockage, our client would have been mandated to excavate the municipal pipe and replace approximately 150 ft. of this 24 in. pipe.  This would have been a significantly detrimental direct cost and project delay cost for our client.

What two other pipeline service contractors failed to achieve over the course of three days; Hennigan Engineering’s specialized crew and equipment achieved in less than one day.  The blockage was found to be comprised of construction debris including PVC pipe segments and whole bricks.  The debris was removed without shut-down of the affected hospital wing or further construction delays.

It is this type of consistently cost-effective and reliable performance by Hennigan Engineering that continues to set the firm above all others.
video inspection 2



Extending Condenser Tube Life

Hennigan Engineering was recently selected to participate in an in-depth condenser cleaning and refurbishment project to extend the life expectancy of condenser tubes at a US nuclear power station.  The project involved 20,000 PSI hydrolase cleaning of condenser tubes, 100% Eddy Current Inspection of condenser tubes, down tube coating of condenser tubes that failed minimum through wall criteria, installation of new tube sheet coatings and Helium Leak Detection of condenser tubes and tube sheets prior to the waterboxes being placed back into service.

Hennigan Engineering personnel performed 20,000 PSI hydrolase cleaning to remove MIC corrosion, bio fouling, manganese and calcium scaling, as well as, helium leak detection services as part of the over all solutions while the plant maintained on-line status, with only a single box out of service at any given time.

President Timothy R. Hennigan, Jr., stated that Hennigan Engineering is proud to have been a part of the team.  Hennigan Engineering performed the work to the highest safety standards and efficiently completed our part to meet the customer’s rigorous schedule for the performance of all associated tasks.

Hennigan Engineering is a Certified Women Owned Company that provides Condenser Tube Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Helium Leak Detection, Concrete Hydrodemolition, Hydroblasting Services, Video Pipe Inspection and Cleaning, Water Intrusion Repair and Specialty Coatings to a variety of customers.   For more information on Hennigan Engineering services please contact us at


Hennigan Engineering Completes Flue Gas Scrubber Cleaning 25% Ahead of Schedule


Hennigan Engineering has recently completed a significant flue gas scrubber cleaning project approximately 25% ahead of schedule. The project encompassed cleaning over 4000 tubes, 900 of which where plugged solid, a majority of which where unable to be cleaned by a previous contractor over 3 years prior.

Hennigan Engineering’s specialty nozzle design worked flawlessly and allowed the customer to gain valuable time in their outage schedule. Hennigan Engineering is a Women Owned Company and is an industry leader in condenser tube cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning, hydrolasing, concrete hydro demolition, condenser and heat exchanger tube leak detection, video inspection and water intrusion repair. For more information please contact Hennigan Engineering at 800-472-8484.

Hennigan Completes Groundwater Remediation System Project

Groundwater Remediation System Restoration Project at a U.S. Navy Site in West Virginia.

Allegany Ballistics Laboratory Project: 2014

Hennigan Engineering Company, Inc. was retained by a large Environmental Services firm to video inspect, assess condition and clean / restore the groundwater remediation system at the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory (ABL) in Rocket Center, West Virginia. The ABL is operated by the Alliant Techsystems, Inc. (ATK). The overall groundwater remediation system was constructed and is run by Tikigaq / AGVIQ with CH2M Hill under contract with AGVIQ for water treatment facility Operations & Maintenance.

The systemABL Vac was originally installed over 10 years ago and includes several thousand feet of subsurface pipe, about 40 groundwater extraction wells, a water treatment facility, a water storage tower and a discharge / overflow system into the Potomac River. The system is in place to “capture” groundwater, divert is flow away from the Potomac River, remove chlorinated solvents from the groundwater water and discharge the treated water back into the river. The project is unique in that the treated groundwater is used by the ATK’s steam plant and also supports the site’s fire suppression systems. It is a critical operation to the sites ability to function. The systems performance had degraded over the years and had reached the point where it could no longer provided groundwater capture and was minimally able to meet the demands of the steam plant.

Hennigan Engineering utilized both hydrolase and jet blast equipment that ranged from 2,500 to 20, 000 psi with specialized cleaning heads to restore the system. Video inspection equipment included specialized high resolution cameras for pipe sizes from 1-inch to 6-inches in diameter. In addition, radio detection equipment was deployed to pin-point the location of critical features of the subsurface pipe.

Hennigan Engineering successfully video inspected the pipe system then restored its performance to flow levels that had never been achieved in the past – even when the system was first installed. This was done with negligible disturbance to the operation of the steam plant or compromise of the sites fire suppression system.

Hennigan EVideo Inspect ABLngineering developed a detailed Engineering report documenting the work, the results of the work and developed a scheduled maintenance program for maintain the system in the future.

Moving forward; Hennigan Engineering will be working with the client to keep the restored system operating at peak performance.

Hennigan Announces Helium Leak Detection News

Helium Leak Detection Services

Tim Hennigan Jr. (President) of Hennigan Engineering Co, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Ronald Kennedy (Ron) to our staff of professionals. In his position, Ron will serve as the Corporate Field Services Manager-Leak Detection Services and will be responsible for the sales development and the execution of leak detection services projects. Ron’s career began as a field service tech where he was taught his trade and he quickly advanced to Regional Manager at a large multi national firm. Ron’s experience includes inspections in power generation (fossil and nuclear), food processing, refineries and other steam producing facilities nationally and internationally. Hennigan Engineering is a recognized leader in Condenser Tube Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning, Hydroblasting, Hydrolasing, Helium Leak Detection, Concrete Hydrodemolition, Video Inspection Services, Water Intrusion Repair and Coatings Application and Removal. For more information please contact us at

Hennigan Completes Flue Gas Scrubber Cleaning

In January 2014 Hennigan Engineering was contracted by a large Southern Power Company to design a cleaning system and perform a cleaning for Flue Gas Scrubber Tubes.  The Customer had previously hired three different vendors who had failed to clean more than 700 tubes that contained a extremely hard scale material.  Hennigan Engineering performed various nozzle design and testing prior to presenting a solution to the customer.  Hennigan was hired to perform the work and completed the project clueing the entire 4000 tubes including 700 plugged tubes that previously vendors had failed to clean.  Hennigan completed the project within the customers schedule and within budget.

The project was successful to the customer to the point that Hennigan was Sole Sourced for the scrubber cleaning in 2015.

Hennigan Engineering is recognized as an industry leader in Condenser Tube Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning, Speciality Concrete Hydrodemolition, Hydroblasting, Hydrolasing, Video Inspection Services, Helium Leak Testing, Air-in Leakage Testing, Water Intrusion Repair, Coatings Removal and Application.

Hennigan Engineering Receives WBENC Women Owned Certification

Claudia Hennigan (CEO) of Hennigan Engineering is pleased to announce that Hennigan has received WBENC certification for Women Owned Business.  While this certification does not effect the excellent work ethic and reputation that Hennigan has built over the 47 years of business, it will allow our customers who have diversity programs to take advantage of the spending they are currently doing with Hennigan.  Hennigan performs hydroblasting, hydrolasing, condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning, hydrodemolition, helium leak testing, video pipe inspection and an array of industrial cleaning services to the Nuclear and Fossil Power Industry as well as DOD and other customers.

Bechtel Corporation Recognizes Hennigan Engineering as Key Vendor

20141217_091231Claudia Hennigan (CEO) of Hennigan Engineering Co, Inc. (Hennigan Engineering) is very excited to announce that Bechtel Corporation (Bechtel) has Recognized  Hennigan Engineering as Key Vendor, chosen out of over 4300 vendors as a top 66 key vendor. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve Bechtel at several sites over the past year and accomplish all of our project goals without a single safety event or first aid incident.  Hennigan Engineering is a leader in condenser tube cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning, hydrodemolition, hydroblasting, hydrolasing, helium leak detection, video pipe inspection, water intrusion and concrete repair, coating removal and installation, and a host of other industrial cleaning services. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Hennigan Engineering Announces New Director

Director of Engineering & Shared Services

Steve PhotoHennigan Engineering Company Inc. welcomes Stephen J. Silva to the Hennigan family as our Director of Engineering & Shared Services. Mr. Silva brings over twenty-five years of professional experience to our team. He holds a Civil / Environmental Engineering degree from the University of Vermont as well as a degree in Offshore Marine Technology from the Florida Institute of Technology. In addition, he holds a U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner License.

For more than a decade just prior to joining our team, he was engaged as a Senior Project Manager / Assistant Wastewater Operations Division Manager for an ENR top 500 consulting firm of Engineers and Scientists. In that capacity, he developed site and wastewater treatment system designs and managed the construction of those designs. He developed new business and managed a variety high profile projects and clients in the public, private and government / military market sectors. This included overseas assignments in Romania and Moldova on energy and clean water projects involving presentations to high level United States, Romanian and Moldovan Government Environmental Officials. During his tenure at that firm; he developed strong relationships with Hennigan Engineering over the years and often called in Hennigan Engineering to work with him on numerous projects. Mr. Silva and Hennigan Engineering come together not as a new relationship but as an existing relationship made stronger.

Mr. Silva’s diverse and unique experience further includes owning a construction company in Vermont as well as off-shore work off the coast of Alaska and with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Hennigan Engineering, Inc. takes pride in having a reputation for solving unique and complex problems for our clients. It takes unique and diverse people to achieve such a reputation. Mr. Silva’s diverse experience and education as well as his can-do attitude are a solid and welcome supplement to our proud reputation, our existing operations and our intentions to grow the firm into new areas of challenge and complexity.  Hennigan Engineering is the industry leader in Condenser Tube Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning, Hydroblasting, Hydrolasing, Speciality Concrete Hydrodemolition, Helium Leak Detection, Condenser Tube Leak Detection, Video Inspection Services, Water Intrusion Repair and Speciality Coatings Removal and Application to the Nuclear and Power Generation Customers.